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Our expertise is knowing what businesses spend on advertising and marketing in any U.S. market. If you're seeking insights on macro trends or specifics for one local market, you've come to the right place.

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Access to our market-level data yields rich insights on what businesses are spending on all forms of advertising (media) as well as other forms of marketing (event sponsorships, promotional items, printed materials, etc.). Access can be configured for any geography, down to the county level.

Local Data

Our market-level data incorporates spending patterns for more than 20 million U.S. businesses. It's customizable by geography, type of spending, and type of business and covers spending for each of five prior years and five forecast years.

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Reports & Insights

We publish unique insights about local marketing year-round, available via subscription or, in some cases, individual sale.

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Annual Conference

Our executive-level event is held every March in Miami and represents the largest gathering of local advertising executives in the nation.

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I Earned the Client's Trust, and Therefore His Business

Bess Jenkins, Media consultant, Nexstar Media Group

"A prospective Client mentioned he had no idea how he should approach his marketing budget. Instead of having a “blanket” digital conversation, we dissected what would be most effective in comparison to the competitive landscape."

Product: Compass

Borrell Makes Strategizing So Much Easier

Salem Media Group - Philadelphia

"When you are trying to make a budget... Sometimes you don't think that you have the time to sit and strategize. Borrell makes this so much easier."

Product: Forecasts

We Immediately Started Winning Digital Business

Maria Armon, Local TV Digital Sales Manager, Boston, MA

"We use the Compass Database to plan and build out our Go to Market Strategies for digital revenue growth. After I shared this report with our Sales Department and highlighted our opportunity... We immediately started winning digital business... In just these three categories, we added over $775k in incremental digital revenue over the previous time period."

Product: Compass

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