• How are you calculating your market shares?
  • Why should prospects want to talk with your salespeople?
  • How do you target your likeliest prospects?
  • Why should the best salespeople work for you?

Compass gives you solid answers to these critical questions.

Compass points to the money in your market!

Compass provides unlimited online access to Borrell’s estimates of local and national spending on advertising and promotions directed to consumers in your market.

  • Spending by each of the 100 local business categories
  • Across more than 30 marketing channels
    • Traditional Media
    • Digital Formats
    • Promotions
  • For each year 2016 through 2026
  • For each of the counties that define your markets
Compass is used by hundreds of local media companies, and the methodology behind it has been under development for more than 20 years.

Increase Conversions

Back up your proposals with reputable data.

Identify Prospects

Target the best business categories in your market.

Export Report Data

Export data to manipulate in your own applications.

Multi-Market Access

Quick access to data for markets across the whole U.S.

Generate more ad sales immediately!

  • Give besieged advertisers a reason to call back and set appointments

  • Estimate a prospect’s total local marketing spend

  • Be better marketing consultants

  • Increase sales team confidence and enthusiasm. (i.e., “it’s our secret weapon”)

Guide and track your sales strategy

  • Track market shares

  • Set achievable goals

  • Identify business categories likely to be good sales prospects

Receive outstanding support

  • Free webinars to walk your team through the features of the service

  • Compass User-group webinars with updates

  • Continuous improvement from client feedback

Countless Configurations

Any collection of US counties that describe your market area(s)

Corporate roll-ups of individual market data

Sub-sets of the Service available to fit your budget