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The local marketing industry’s high priest of research offers a unique insight, delivered in his inimitable style. Give this guy three minutes and a whiteboard, and he’ll not only entertain and amaze you, but also make you smarter.

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Episode 24: Advertisers' Biggest Issue in 2022 (Starts with 'R')

Released: 2022-01-17

Corey reveals the No. 1 thing on local advertisers' minds as the pandemic eases its grip. He's got another big reveal: it also happens to be the biggest problem they're trying to solve in 2022.

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Corey relays key findings from the latest BBB (Borrell Business Barometer).

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Corey discusses the differences between what self proclaimed "master marketers" are doing versus businesses that are novice marketers.

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Are virtual events more effective than in-person?

SMBs prefer YOU, not a portal.

What do today's local ad buyers want from sellers?

Local businesses have opinions on OTT, but somebody need to tell them what it is first.

Corey checks in with SMBs on their confidence, and discovers that while things are getting better, SMBs want to change some things up with their marketing.

Corey reviews a recent survey where SMBs weighted in on the fate of radio broadcast TV, and what the future holds. (Think robots, flying stuff, and home-delivered ads.)