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The local marketing industry’s high priest of research offers a unique insight, delivered in his inimitable style. Give this guy three minutes and a whiteboard, and he’ll not only entertain and amaze you, but also make you smarter.

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Episode 53: Which Social Platform is Best at Driving Traffic? (Nope, Not FB)

Released: 2023-05-15

Corey gauges each social platform on seven marketing qualities and finds that one rises to the top for driving traffic.

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Corey examines why fewer marketers are giving social media an enthusiastic thumbs-up and more are clicking on the frowny face.

Corey finds surprises in a new survey of how this new generation feels about local news.

Corey finds evidence that Direct Mail isn't top-of-mind in SMBs' preferred type of targeted advertising.

Corey gets a reading from the latest Borrell Business Barometer and finds more SMBs are neutral on whether the economy will go sour.

With 89% of advertisers now buying targeted ads, Corey offers insights on what they perceive works best.

Corey dissects the 29% of buyers who are either trimming or increasing their radio budgets, and discovers that the make-up of the typical radio buyer is changing.

Corey assimilates results of a survey of 2,000 local advertisers to provide insights on who's buying OTT and how effective it is for them.

Corey profiles heavy investors in Facebook advertising and uncovers an amazing fact where non-advertisers in Facebook would rather spend their money.

Corey looks at the latest SMB Business Barometer and to see whether local advertisers see a recession "glooming" and how they will focus their marketing in 2023.

The Internet's data bounty may have prompted advertisers to say, "Show me the leads!" but they're shifting to something else to calculate ROI. Corey explores what they're doing and how they look for clues by tweaking media channels.

Corey spelunks the cavernous issue of advertising ROI and emerges with some valuable nuggets.

While the pandemic devastated millions of businesses, Corey discovers that even more have rushed in to replace them. And a large portion of them have been given an interesting government distinction.

Corey dives into new research about how ad buyers generate leads.

Advertising is supposed to drive sales, but Corey uncovers a different marketing goal for those who buy newspaper ads.