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Our auto report shows that U.S. Auto Advertising is on track to fall 7.3% this year, to $34.4 billion. Local TV seems to be bearing the brunt of the cuts, as new-car sales decline used-car sales go flat, and manufacturers and dealers try new things. But all types of media are feeling the pain.

Borrell Local Advertiser Survey- Social Media and Advertising

This report delivers unique insights on how local businesses are spending their marketing dollars. The average SMB is now using eight different types of marketing — up from 5 just a few years ago. You’ll learn what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and why their cutting or expanding certain types of media budgets.

Borrell Political Local Advertising Spending up in 2018 Elections

This is our third and final forecast for 2018 as we head into the post-Labor Day advertising frenzy. We’ve added $100 million to our latest forecast, putting the 2018 total at $8.9 billion. There’s more flowing to local races, thanks to bountiful PAC money. All types of media stand to benefit, especially broadcast TV.

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