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Borrell Associates
We deliver unequaled insights on local advertising and marketing
expenditures for any market.
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Who we are

We are researchers and analysts who track and trend how local businesses are spending their advertising and marketing dollars. Our passion is understanding the nuances of each market to provide an unparalleled set of insights to our clients.

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The meteoric rise of digital advertising over the past five years has forged a new reality for local media companies. Instead of competing, most are now embracing it, driving more than $10 billion in ad sales in 2018. Our comprehensive report includes data that helps companies quantify how well (or poorly) they’re doing compared with peers.


This is our annual outlook for one of the largest advertising segments, the $30 billion real estate industry. After mild growth of about 4% in 2018, we’re forecasting a more tepid 2019 with growth under 1%. The housing market has changed considerably since the Great Recession, and so has the way advertisers spend their money.

Borrell Local Advertiser Survey- Social Media and Advertising

This insightful report details what the biggest advertisers are buying and how that’s changing, and insights into the types of marketing technology they utilize and what they’re doing with video marketing. The conclusions lead to trouble ahead for those who’ve come to rely on these big guys.

We provide in-depth data and insights on local advertising and marketing expenditures
What are SMBs spending? It’s an important question, and we know the answer. We offer data-rich reports for any locality, down to the county level. We are the leading experts in monitoring and forecasting local advertising trends. We track expenditures across all U.S. markets.
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Local Market Data
Our primary product, called Compass, offers actionable guidance on spending by 100 business categories across 33 marketing channels in their local markets.
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Trends & Analysis
We publish analysis-rich IndustryPapers year-round. They track important components of local advertising and marketing, offering data-rich reports and fresh analysis of trends.
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Local Advertising Conference
Each spring we hold the largest gathering of local digital media executives. This premiere event draws high raitings, with 95% of attendees saying they will return.
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“Borrell is unmatched for ad-spend insight. We use it every week…. People trust Borrell, which gives our sales reps the confidence they need. Large and small companies ask, ‘What should I be spending to be competitive?’ Borrell gives us the more intelligent answer.”

Hannah Pence, MS, MBA, CRP
Strategy and Research Manager
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“The combination of specific market data found in Compass reports, regularly released industry and benchmarking data, the annual conference and the personal service I receive from Borrell Associates are honestly the only tools I need to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.”

Brooke Knight Warner
GM, Sierra Nevada Media Group
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“I wanted you to know that I am using your data on a regular basis to help our newspaper clients grow revenue. I call it 'Own Your Local Market' and in one week at a newspaper we are scoring $100k to $150k for smaller newspapers.”

Everton Weeks
The Weeks Group

"We subscribed to (the Borrell data) for the first time since I've been here last year, and it more than paid for itself. So we reupped this year."

happy Borrell customer

"The directional data from Borrell I've always found very helpful, so I could go to a business owner and say, 'Did you know that business owners in your industry are doing X?' "

happy Borrell customer

"The Borrell data has replaced other data that we used to use. There may be others that are estimating market potential and then trying their best to gauge where that money's being spent, but I don't know anybody that's doing it as robustly as Borrell."

happy Borrell customer

“What a great institution you have built for the industry.”

Matt Coen

"We leverage your data often for the Boston market. The market-specific growth by vertical, the marketing spend data and the product trends provide powerful insights for internal decisions and for sales calls. Thank you! ”

María Armon

Digital Sales Manager,
Cox Media Group

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