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2019 Conference Presentations & Videos

Below are links to all the Slide Decks and videos that presenters have made available (blue links).

You can also view photos of the conference here.


Some presenters have requested that their slides not be distributed and are not listed here.

Monday Slide Decks

The State of Local Advertising- Gordon Borrell

Why Traditional Media Matters in a Cross-Platform World – Sarah Hoffstetter, Comscore

Mastering OTT via Content and Ad Sales- Adam Ware, Sinclair Broadcast Group- STIRR

Will Pandora Double-Down on Local in 2019- Leon VanGelder, Pandora- Not Available for Distribution

10:45- What’s in Store for ‘Local’ As Facebook Heads into 2019- Phillip Rather, Facebook- Not Available for Distribution

Advantage, Brick & Mortar: Innovations in Local Targeting- Asif Khan, Local Based Marketing Association

Monday Track 1

Lessons Learned: How Media Companies Succeed in Selling Local Marketing Services to Clients- Babak Hedayati- Tapclicks

Advantage: Traditional Media-

Jamie Cohen,  Salem Media Group

Jenny Sutton, Cox Media Group

Understanding Data to Craft a Compelling ROI Story

Gary Smith, The Seattle Times

Reagan Davis, Tapclicks

Social Media Management Mess?  How Some Companies are Doing it at Scale

Richard Lumsden, Soci

Shannon Kinney- Dream Local Digital

Best Practices: Creating Operational Efficiencies within Your Digital Operations

Brian Kennett, The Star-Tribune

Leslye Schumacher, Vici Media

Monday Track 2

How Data is Driving Go-To-Market Efforts- Lem Lloyd, Buzzboard

How Artificial Intelligence Has Come Into Play at the Local Level- William Ammerman, Six Sails Group

How to Fish in the Data Pool Without Drowning

Jeff Hand, iHeart Media

Catherine Badalamente, Graham Digital Media

Dennis Dube, Advance Local

Finding Your Best Customers (And Avoiding the Worst)

Amy Littlefield, ThriveHive- No Slide Deck

Joel Laffer, Hearst Digital- Non Slide Deck

Tuesday Slide Decks

Special Session: Bringing Dealers Back to Local Media- John Fitzpatrick & Gordon Borrell- No Slide Deck

Recap- Jim Brown, Borrell Associates

100 Blips on the Radar, But Watch These 3- Corey Elliott, Borrell Associates

Why Yelp is Pursuing Local Marketing Partners- Darnell Holloway, Yelp

Radio’s Most Aggressive Approach to Digital- Tim Pirrone, Townsquare Interactive – Not Available for Distribution

Who’s Buying OTT, And Where is the Local Market Headed? Jim Wilson, Premion

The Google News Initiative: What’s Been Accomplished, What’s Ahead- Rebekah Dopp- NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTION

 Why ‘Promotions’ Have Been a Key Driver of Ad Sales- Matt Coen- Second Street Media

Local Ad Fraud May be Bigger Than You Think- Rusty Coats, AdHack.org, James Byrd, OpsCo, Maggie Louie, DEVCON

Finding Sustainable Business Models: How the LMA & LMC Will Use Facebook’s Million-Dollar Investment, Nancy Lane, LMA; Fran Wills, LMC

Waze Proves It’s All About Location, Location, Location- Justin Nabozna, Waze

Who ‘Owns’ Digital Sales? Structure & Compensation to Drive Revenue Growth- David Cichelli & Matt Bartels, The Alexander Group

Wrap Up- No Slide Deck

Tuesday Rapid Fire

11:45 Tuesday Rapid Fire Presentations

Jeff Tomlin, Vendasta

Brook Berry, AdCellerant

Paul Deraval, NinjaCat

Tehsin Daya, Uberall

Mark Gorman, Matrix

John Fitzpatrick, Force Marketing

Monday Rapid Fire

11:45 Monday Rapid Fire Presentations

Pete Conti, Site Impact

James Moore, Simpli.fi

Adam Burnham, AffinityX

Eric Burns, Reveal Mobile

Mark Weidel, Marketron

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