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Episode 35:
Stunning News, Staggering Facts, and Bombshells from a New Poll of Local Ad Buyers

Release date: November 24, 2020

Release date: November 24, 2020

Release date: November 24, 2020

The nation's largest survey of local advertisers is in, and hosts Gordon & Corey are all agog over the key findings. Episode 35 also features what the hosts claim will be the soundtrack for the first quarter of 2021. Listen closely!

The nation's largest survey of local advertisers is in, and hosts Gordon & Corey are all agog over the key findings. Episode 35 also features what the hosts claim will be the soundtrack for the first quarter of 2021. Listen closely!

The nation's largest survey of local advertisers is in, and hosts Gordon & Corey are all agog over the key findings. Episode 35 also features what the hosts claim will be the soundtrack for the first quarter of 2021. Listen closely!



Episode 35: release date Nov 24, 2020

Stunning News, Staggering Facts, and Bombshells from a New Poll of Local Ad Buyers

The nation's largest survey of local advertisers is in, and hosts Gordon & Corey are all agog over the key findings. Episode 35 also features what the hosts claim will be the soundtrack for the first quarter of 2021. Listen closely!

Episode 34: release date Nov 9, 2020

Jim Doyle Looks Back: Getting Thrown Out of His First Sales Call, Losing $1 million, and Lessons from Kodak

After five decades in the media business and three as one of the industry's most popular sales trainers, Jim Doyle is easing into retirement. Consider this podcast a sort of "exit interview" with the guy who knows advertising sales inside and out. He discusses what's changed about the business since his first days as a sales rep, what hasn't changed, and the "magic wand" he'd like to wave to fix the media-sales process.
Read Episode 34 Transcript Here

Episode 33: release date Oct. 27, 2020

Feeding the Monster: How Content Marketing Fuels Growing 'Owned' Media Demand

Gordon & Corey discuss new research pegging the burgeoning Content Marketing industry at a whopping $63 billion. As more businesses develop their own channels, they're finding a growing need to feed the "news" monster. Julia Campbell, GM of The Branded Content Project, join the hosts for a lively discussion on where it's all headed.

Episode 32: release date Oct. 12, 2020

Ad Agencies' COVID Remix: Big Love for OTT & Social Media

Corey dives into a recent survey of 225 local ad agencies and finds that their deepening love affair with OTT is being financed by their tried and true longtime lover -- broadcast TV. The podcast has Gordon & Corey poring through key findings, including how agencies feel the pandemic has changed the effectiveness of certain types of media.

Episode 31: release date Sept. 29, 2020

She's Baaaack... 'Smartypants' Weighs In On Media's Outrageous Claims

Corey & Gordon bring back their most popular guest, a local ad buyer who isn't afraid to be blunt about what works and what doesn't. This no-holes-barred episode has the hosts listing some of the ....uh... more interesting audience claims made by different types of media, and has their guest reacting. Brace yourself before you hit play. "Smartypants" hasn't mellowed a bit since her 2019 appearance.

Episode 30: release date Sept. 15, 2020

The Rise of Content Marketing, & Breathing New Life Into Obituaries

Fresh off a project to size the U.S. Content Marketing business, Corey talks about how COVID-19 has buoyed the need for many businesses to tell their stories via "sponsored content" methods. This podcast also features an interview with Brian Gorman, founder of iPublish, which was recently acquired by Legacy.com. Gorman says the company is now processing 600,000 obituaries a year and is discovering new ways develop a business around these content-rich capsules of information.

Episode 29: release date Sept. 1, 2020

Taylor Swift, Eminem, & SMBs: Vevo's Plan to Partner With Local Media

Vevo has slipped into the role once occupied by MTV, serving up 26 billion music-video views per month. Gordon & Corey discuss Vevo's plan to tap media sales forces to sell commercial spots. Will Gittchee Goomee Tattoo in Duluth buy an ad in Post Malone's Latest Video? This episode features an interview with Nick Simonetti, who heads up Local Ad Sales at Vevo.

Episode 28: release date August 18, 2020

How Out-of-Home Is Morphing Into a Powerful 'Broadcast' Medium

Gordon & Corey turn a critical eye toward out-of-home advertising, the only "traditional" form of media that's been wholly unaffected by Google, Facebook, and other digital media. This episode features an interview with Anna Bager, the new CEO of the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America. She sees OOH as a viable competitor for video advertising that has a very bright future in taxis, airports, elevators, gas pumps, and lobbies.

Episode 27: release date August 11, 2020

Why SMBs Ain't Buyin' Big-Brands' Facebook Boycott, and a Promising 'Local' Ecommerce Strategy in Pittsburgh

Are SMBs' buying into the big-brand brouhaha over Facebook? Has COVID-19 altered their love affair with social media? Gordon & Corey pore over new research that draws out some raw responses from local marketers on the whole situation. This episode also features an interview with Joe Lawrence, CEO of a Pittsburgh-based tech company called MeSearch that's taking an innovative approach to ecommerce.

Episode 26: release date July 21, 2020

With Circulars at a Tipping Point, How Will Newspapers Support Local Journalism?

Episode 26 features an interview with Dean Ridings, the president and CEO of the newspaper industry’s largest trade association, America’s Newspapers. With classified ad revenue all but vanished and print circulars at a “tipping point,” Ridings talks about how the industry will generate enough funds to sustain it’s biggest competitive advantage: well-staff newsrooms. Gordon & Corey offer their insights and take a swipe at those who think advertisers will abandon social media and “come back” to tried-and-true print and broadcast media.

Episode 25: release date July 7, 2020

As Ad Market Recovers, OTT and Political Hold the Most Hope for 2020

Kicking off Season 3, Gordon & Corey place OTT and political advertising and OTT front and center. Borrell's latest Business Barometer is looking good, but prospects look best for OTT or streaming video sales. This episode features an interview with Mark Lieberman, president & CEO of Viamedia, the nation's largest independent seller of local TV advertising solutions, who discusses a "perfect storm" that's coming in August as political advertising comes raging back.

Episode 24: release date June 23, 2020

51 Webinars, 12,000 Ad Buyers, 2 Big Ahas

While Corey has gone dark to generate new forecasts for 2020, Jim Brown steps in as guest co-host. Gordon & Jim discuss what they learned from interacting with thousands of local businesses during 51 "crisis marketing" webinars they conducted since late March. Jim also offers insights on a few markets where ad sales will rebound much slower, and what's driving the difference.

Episode 23: release date June 9, 2020

Corey's Crystal Ball on 2020 Advertising, & Why SMBs Are Rushing to 'Shopify' Themselves

Corey takes a break from numbers crunching to talk about where he thinks local advertising will wind up in 2020. (Spoiler alert!) Newspapers and radio are in for the biggest shock, and some markets will fare far better than others. This episode features an interview with Shopify's Ian Black, who describes a big uptick in smaller, local businesses rushing to the company's ecommerce solution during the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 22: release date May 26, 2020

Media's 'Survival of the Fittest' Scenario Comes True -- And Why TV Is Immune

Even before the pandemic, local media companies were going dark at a rate of 6 per week. Gordon & Corey discuss how things have accelerated as scores of print and broadcast companies have gone belly-up in the past two months. The only one in a comfortable position is broadcast TV. The podcast features an interview with TEGNA President & CEO Dave Lougee, who describes how TV's transformation since the last big economic downturn a decade ago has put the industry in an insulated and enviable position.

Episode 21: release date May 12, 2020

Sappy Messaging and Warning Signs: COVID-19's Effect on Marketingp> (Cue the maudlin piano music) In these unprecedented times, Gordon & Corey are here for you. That's why they've teamed up with Fruity Pebbles.... Episode 21 takes a look at how marketers are struggling to remain in sync with consumers who seem to be suffering media overload. The podcast also identifies marketing decisions that equate to warning signs that a business might not make it through the crisis.

Episode 20: release date April 27, 2020

A Grand Reopening or Bland Reopening for Local Businesses?

Fresh off a late-April survey of local businesses, Gordon & Corey debate what's in store as they plan to hit re-start on advertising budgets. With a 10-point shift in the percentage of local businesses planning to resume or increase ad spending since late March, is a Grand Reopening imminent?

Episode 19 - Release date: April 13, 2020

There's No Hand-Wringing Among the Masters of Local Marketing

Gordon & Corey take a look at a recent survey of local marketing activity amid the COVID-19 crisis and find that small group of businesses have gotten very busy indeed. Master marketers and a few media companies have skipped the hand-wringing altogether. This episode looks at how skilled local marketers are viewing the crisis, and how one broadcaster has sprung into action and created a dynamic library of more than 600 examples of crisis marketing messages for ad-sales reps. The show features an interview with the Vice President of Digital Media Sales for Nexstar Media Group, Bill Caudill, who talks about how the company's 1,000+ reps have pivoted.

Episode 18 - Release date: March 30, 2020


Amid our pandemic paralysis, local marketers are self-isolating into one of two categories: Those who see an opportunity to shine, and those who don't. Marketing ideas are in high demand for both. If you want to open their doors, you'd better come with three ideas in your back pocket (and maybe a gift-wrapped can of Lysol.) Gordon & Corey are joined by Borrell Associates President Jim Brown in this fast-paced "give us your best ideas" episode. The show features a phone call with Matt Coen, co-founder of the quintessential cool-promotions company, Second Street Media.

Episode 17 - Release date: March 17, 2020

Biggest WOWs from #BorrellMiami2020 Conference

Youth marketing, hulu's local sales effort, mushrooming OTT, branded content, an explosion in podcasting -- the biggest takeaways from Borrell's big event in 20 minutes. Gordon & Corey offer their observations about some of the presentations by the CEOs of Comscore and Thryv, from youth marketing expert Matt Britton, and from several other executives who took the stage over the two-day event in early March.

Episode 16 - Release date: March 3, 2020

OTT & Targeted TV: A Massive 'Green Field' of Opportunity

Gordon & Corey discuss programmatic buying at the local level, identifying the hottest growth areas: OTT, targeted TV spots, geofencing, and Simpli.fi's big push into "addressable" programmatic, which can deliver ads down to the household level. The podcast features an interview with Frost Prioleau, CEO of Simpli.fi, which managed campaigns for 40,000 advertisers last year and saw high growth and dramatic results for its OTT and addressable programs.

Episode 15 - Release date: Feb. 17, 2020

Amazon's Inevitable Entry into Local Marketing Is Amazon the next boogeyman? Gordon & Corey lay out the hard evidence -- including a recent survey showing how local businesses may actually be excited about the opportunity to get their message in front of Amazon buyers. This episode features an interview with ecommerce expert and former Amazon manager Will Margaritis, who offers his take on how Amazon is preparing to attack the local space.

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