Industry Paper Releases

Results From Borrell's 2021 Local Advertiser Survey

Our survey of 2,811 local businesses in April-June 2021 yielded a treasure trove of insights about how they're shifting their marketing activities. This report summarizes our annual survey, encompassing more than 40 questions about all facets of advertising and marketing. The 14-page summary contains two dozen charts and tables, as well as a dozen key insights from Borrell's analysts. The report is free for Borrell subscribers and includes a 30-minute webinar, to be held on Tuesday, Aug. 31. To purchase the report and the complete Excel workbook of findings, the price is $1,295. An executive summary is available for free. Industry Paper Subscribers: Please login to access and download the report and register for the webinar. Webinar- August 31, 10:00 am

Scaling Digital Agencies: Insights for Local Media Companies

Nearly half of all digital agencies are run by local media companies.  These 2,500 agencies aren’t bound by client exclusivity, though. They’re intent on scaling their agencies to deal with as many clients as possible. This 22-page report, written in cooperation with Frequence, analyzes digital sales at 35 local media companies over 27 months. It identifies which ones have found the greatest efficiencies in scaling sales to optimum levels. It contains nearly two dozen charts and tables. The report and supporting July 21 webinar are free.

The Future, According to SMBs

There's been a lot of jabber lately about a "new norm." So, we turned to our monthly panel of SMBs to figure out what it might look like. This 14-page report postulates whether the future includes radio, newspapers, robots, going back to the office, advertising delivered to your doorstep, and the old, reliable postman. The survey encompassed 10 predictions. As it turns out, half of them have a fair chance of occurring within a dozen years. The full report is available to subscribers only. An executive summary is available for free.

SMBs Prepare Their Q2 Marketing Strategies

Our latest monthly panel takes a look at what happened in Q1 (spoiler alert: it wasn't good) and what they're planning for Q2 and the remainder of the year. This eight-page report is available only to subscribers and not available for purchase. It signals what could be an exciting second quarter, fueled by a springboard off a cautious Q1 and the fear of greater competition as markets warm up. Subscribers only.

The 2021 Mindset of Local Pinterest Advertisers

Though Pinterest appeals to only 10% of local ad buyers, they are a rich and savvy group of content marketers. This 19-page report highlights their extraordinary levels of spending on traditional media, social media, and online video advertising and concludes that this platform may be ready for a boom. The report includes 35 charts and tables, a 20-point summary, and analysis of key advertising trends in this small but fast-growing social platform. The report is $395, or free to subscribers. An Executive Summary is available for free.

The 2021 Mindset of Local Home Services Advertisers

The pandemic spurred a boom in home improvement, and that has given a big boost to traditional forms of media. This 18-page report examines how home services providers spend their advertising dollars, including plans for a 33% increase for non-digital media in 2021 while most other types of advertisers are dealing out budget cuts. The report is the 11th in our "2021 Mindset" series and is drawn from a survey of 205 home services advertisers. It includes 34 charts and tables, a 16-point summary, and analysis of key advertising trends in this important segment. The report is $395, or free to subscribers. An Executive Summary is available for free.

The 2021 Mindset of Out of Home Advertisers

As the pandemic rapidly subsides, will Out of Home advertising see a rebound? Our latest report examines the responses of 530 local businesses that buy outdoor advertising.  What are they planning as the pandemic subsides? For the 14% of them that stopped buying Out of Home in 2020, what was the compelling reason?  This analysis is part of a examining how local advertisers are approaching 2021. The findings in this 17-page report includes 22 charts and tables examining what types of businesses they are, what else they're buying, and how their budgets are changing.  The report is free for Borrell subscribers, or $395 for non-subscribers.  An executive summary is available for free.

The 2021 Mindset of Direct Mail Advertisers

Direct Mail is now the 7th-largest advertising category, favored by more-savvy marketers as a direct-response medium. It's the only print medium forecast for growth this year. This 15-page report examines responses from our recent survey of 781 local direct mail buyers. It describes what they're buying, what they're spending, what they're trimming or eliminating, and how they compare to other advertisers. It includes 22 charts and tables, a 15-point executive summary, and "Borrell's Take," our observations. The report is $395, or free to subscribers. An Executive Summary is available for free.