Industry Paper Releases

The 2021 Mindset of Newspaper Advertisers

What are newspaper buyers planning as the pandemic subsides and things get back on track? This analysis is part of a series of reports examining how local advertisers are approaching 2021. The findings in this 12-page report are drawn from Borrell's survey of 976 businesses that buy newspaper advertising. It includes 16 charts and tables examining what types of businesses they are, what else they're buying, why some of them stopped buying newspaper ads, and how their budgets are changing.  The report is free for Borrell subscribers, or $395 for non-subscribers.  An executive summary is available for free.


Many local businesses are poised to spend more in 2021, but our latest survey indicates there isn't a lot of firm commitment. This eight-page report shows that there's a lot up in the air -- and susceptible to influence. It also explores their levels of attachment to advertising partners, what they value in those partners, and what single thing might prompt them to swing the ax. You must be a subscriber to access the full report. An executive summary is available for free.

What Local Ad Agencies Are Thinking: Results From Borrell's 2020 Agency Survey

This 15-page report offers the highlights from Borrell's late-autumn survey of 342 local ad agencies. The findings show what agencies are buying, what they feel has grown more effective, and the types of digital services they're selling. It also gauges their growing interested in addressable TV advertising, particularly OTT, and shows where budgets are coming from. The report includes 20 charts and tables, key findings, and an analysis. The full report is available to subscribers for free, or for $995 for non-subscribers. An executive summary is available for free.

Results from Our 2020 Survey of Local Ad Buyers

This 17-page report is chock full of insights on how local advertising and marketing changed in 2020, and what's likely to happen in 2021. The survey was conducted in the fall of 2020 and encompassed more than 40 questions. Insights were drawn from the responses of more than 2,200 advertisers who told us what they spend, where they spend it, and how their budgets will change in 2021. You'll also find unique insights on streaming video advertising, mobile marketing, and expenditures for marketing-technology. The report is free for Borrell subscribers, or $995 for non-subscribers.

Panel Survey: Gauging Interest in Content Marketing

COVID-19 has spurred the need for marketing creativity, so we decided to take deeper look at activities around Content Marketing. This 10-page subscriber-only report offers results from our October panel survey of small businesses and complements last month's report, Sizing the Content Marketing Opportunity. The panel survey had 221 responses and examines how many are participating in Content Marketing, what they spend on it and how they spend it, and what they're planning for 2021. Subscriber-only report.

Year End Ad Sales Projections & What's Being Budgeting for 2021

We polled 239 executives and ad managers representing more than 2,500 local media properties to offer insights on how 2020 sales might end up and what everyone is budgeting for 2021. Projections and forecasts cover 17 different types of media sales (banner ads, SEM, radio, outdoor, TV, OTT, etc.) and offer an opportunity to compare your forecasts with industry averages. This is a subscriber-only report and not available for purchase.

How is COVID19 Shaping Social Media

Have local advertisers joined the Facebook advertising boycott?  How do they really feel about social media and all those negative posts, and how do they foresee changing their marketing plans when the COVID-19 crisis passes?  We think you'll be surprised at what they told us and how frank they were about how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok now fit into their strategies. Our 15-page report is available exclusively to subscribers. It includes more than a dozen charts and tables and is packed with panelists' comments. An Executive Summary is available for free.  Full Report for subscribers only.

The Effect of COVID19 on Local Marketing Report

How have local businesses altered their marketing during the COVID-19 crisis, and how do they plan to change it when the pandemic subsides? You'll find answers in this 17-page report. This report summarizes the findings of our most recent monthly panel survey, fielded the last two weeks of June. It includes a dozen charts and tables and four pages of comments from the 213 panelists. Subscriber-only Report.