Industry Paper Releases

2017 Auto Paper

Our 2017 annual report is the most comprehensive look you'll find anywhere for the $37.4 billion Automotive Advertising industry. This year's report details interesting new twists: New-car sales are down for the first time in seven years, manufacturers have uncharacteristically held the line on ad spending, and car dealers are forecast to increase their digital spending by nearly the same amount they spend in total on broadcast TV.  The report includes 25 charts and graphs, as well as two appendices offering a full set of data (25 additional charts and graphs) on all aspects of auto marketing, as well as automotive ad-spending estimates by the market for each of the 210 TMAs (Television Market Areas).  An executive summary is available for free.

Benchmarking Local Media's Digital Revenue

What’s Local Media’s “Addressable Share” of digital advertising in local markets?  This report lays it out, market by market. Our 15th annual report offers 30 charts and tables and is based on our survey of revenues from 10,788 local media entities in the U.S. and Canada. It offers an overview of digital advertising growth patterns at the local level and how the national internet pureplays are playing a role. You’ll find tables that gauge digital revenue by circulation size of daily and weekly newspapers, and by market size for TV and radio stations, local cable systems, and yellow page directories – all of whom are selling digital advertising.  An appendix lists 513 U.S. Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs), offering estimates on local media’s “Addressable Market” for digital advertising in each, plus a “Highest Revenue Opportunity” for any one media entity in each market.  The report costs $995 and comes with access to a 30-minute webinar with the report’s authors. Access to the webinar alone is $195.   If you’re a subscriber, it’s all free.

Digital Ad Fraud's Local Impact

This 34-page report includes a half-dozen charts, tables and graphics that size up what has become an $8 billion problem in the advertising industry: Digital fraud. From Alamosa to Yuba City, local publishers are getting skimmed by click fraud, domain spoofing, tag hijacking, ad stacking, and fake traffic. Included are four appendixes that estimate digital fraud by advertising categories; a list of local Canadian and U.S. publishers who were hit by last year's massive Methbot scam; digital ad-fraud estimates for 513 U.S. Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs), and a glossary of terms. It's the most comprehensive (and perhaps only) examination of how local markets have been affected by this disturbing phenomenon. The report is free to subscribers, and $495 to non-subscribers. It's accompanies by a 30-minute webinar with Borrell analysts that include real-life examples of local publishers who've been defrauded, plus a discussion of the report's findings.

Franchise Advertising Report

This 22-page report includes 19 charts and tables and our observations and analysis of what's happening with franchise advertising at the local level. Some of the findings include how digital media has now overtaken direct mail as franchisees' leading choice for advertising, and that, while there's high interest in social media, franchisees continue to spend half their digital budgets on search engine advertising. The report is accompanied by the full Excel-based results of our 44-question survey of 500 franchise operators. The survey offers 13 worksheets and 147 charts and tables, many of which compare franchise operators' responses to those of average local ad-buyers. It's a treasure trove of information. The report and Excel-based results are free to subscribers, and $495 to others. It's accompanied by a 30-minute webinar with Borrell analysts discussing the findings and answering questions. An executive summary is available for free.

Gauging Facebook's Impact on Local Advertising

Facebook has burst so quickly onto the media world that its sweeping impact on local advertising has been easy to overlook.  Our 23-page report sizes up the damage, comparing it to Google's romp in the mid-2000s but showing that Facebook actually may have more steam. It shows that Facebook last year carved a 7% slice out of U.S. local advertising and a 15% share of the digital advertising pie. The report offers a unique glimpse of who's buying ads, how much they're spending, and what else they're buying.  The report includes 10 charts and tables, plus an appendix estimating how much Facebook took in "local" dollars from each of 513 U.S. Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs). The report comes with access to a 30-minute interactive webinar with our analysts, plus a PowerPoint version of the charts and tables.  A Executive Summary and Table of Contents can be downloaded for free.

The Final Analysis: Political Advertising in 2016

Price: $995. SPECIAL OFFER: $195 through Feb. 28
This 14-page report is our year-end analysis of how $9.8 billion was spent in 2016. It was a record year, up 4.6% from the last Presidential Election year in 2012. But things changed dramatically for the biggest beneficiary, TV, which was left with $1 billion less, and for the smallest, digital media, which gained $1.2 billion. The report contains 14 charts and graphics that walk through each of the four cycle years for political advertising. You'll learn not only what happened, but what's likely to happen in 2017, 2018, 2019, and the next Presidential Election year, 2020. The report comes with access to a 30-minute interactive webinar with our analysts, plus a Powerpoint version of the charts and tables. A Executive Summary and Table of Contents is available for free.

2016 Borrell SMB Panel Results: Political Leanings

For our monthly panel of local business managers, we asked several questions about the Presidential candidates. Who would be best for small businesses? Will the election outcome have a bearing on small businesses? Will your advertising and marketing budgets be impacted? The results might surprise you... then again, they may not. This 5-page report is being made available exclusively to subscribers.

2016 Automotive Outlook - The Thinning of the Media Pack

Our 42-page report on the current state of Automotive Advertising contains not only 28 charts and graphics but also a market-by-market analysis of total local auto dealer spend and a complete U.S. level LA$R (Local Ad Spend Report.) The auto industry came back from the Great Recession with a vengeance as new car sales climbed to the highest levels seen this century. Alas, nothing goes up forever. New car sales are beginning to slow, dealerships are consolidating, and used vehicles are becoming very viable options for people who initially intended on a new vehicle purchase. On top of all that, per-vehicle ad spending is slipping while dealers continue their love affair with digital media. This report looks into all of these factors and provides estimates for ad spending by franchised dealers, independent dealers, manufacturers, dealer associations, and independent sellers. New this year, Chapter 3 looks at auto dealer specific feedback to a local marketing survey conducted this year.